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As we all know well here at Rusted Fork Media, the public is hungering for the arrival of Welcome Space Brothers (and all its related merchandise). While the completion of the film is still a few months away, we are proud to bring you the first sanctioned publicly displayed images from the motion picture. In addition, we have exclusive behind the scenes photos which give a rare glimpse into the making of a super low budget film. Choose from the descriptions below and enjoy.

Stills from the film

•  Our alien heroes and the cow wizard inspect the broken engine component belonging to their malfunctioning space-box. Their adventure begins.. view photo

•  Ranchers James and Heidi inspect the udders of the cow wizard. view photo

•  Nurse (Deputy) Kathy alerts the town to a suspected infectious disease outbreak. view photo

•  Gerry and Susan listen carefully to Kathy's infectious disease announcement.view photo

•  The UFO cult attempts to indoctrinate a new member not realizing he is an actual alien having just arrived in a space-box! view photo

•  Kathy describes the disease outbreak to the assembled town. view photo

•  Dr. Tingwald searches for answers to his scientific queries. view photo

•  Dr. Tingwald and Nurse Mildred toil away in the secret laboratory. view photo

•  The town searches for diseased individuals. view photo

•  Dr. Tingwald's college research subjects seek revenge. view photo

•  Junkyard owner Ewing remains befuddled by the circumstances.view photo

•  James and Heidi investigate the cownappers. view photo

•  Kathy contemplates the full magnitude of being in law enforcement. view photo

•  The UFO cult adds aesthetic touches to their home. view photo

•  This exciting production still demonstrates how the cinematographer and director work together in artistic symbiosis to sompose a dynamic and interesting scene. It's all part of a hard days work on the set of Welcome Space Brothers! view photo

julie and brad record david biking Behind The Scenes
a photographic journal

Join us in a photographic journey of the making of Welcome Space Brothers. By clicking below, you can embark on an thrilling, enthralling and downright educational journey through the making of a film. See the raw side of movie magic. Grasp the full sweat and tears that doth create filmed fantasy. Learn exciting gossip and character traits of important players in this project. Tantalized?

Take me on the behind the scenes journey of Welcome Space Brothers


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