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Talking Ewing™

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Talking Ewing™

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Talking Ewing™ is licenced for home use only. Talking Ewing™ should not be used to hurt feelings or as a substitute for normal human contact. Talking Ewing™ should not be used with certain antibiotics and/or grain alcohol. About 30 percent of people using Talking Ewing™ may experience mild nausea and oily discharge from the right knee. Other side effects include vomiting, depression, and the giggles. Rusted Fork Media LLC can neither confirm nor deny anything stated by Talking Ewing™, and all such information is intented for entertainment purposes and should not be subsituted for the advice of a non-animated gif. Talking Ewing™ is purely fictitious, and any similarity between persons living or dead (especially the similarity to Mr. Jenner Tashpall of Bethesda, MD) is purely coincidental from a legal standpoint. Past performance of Talking Ewing™ is not a guarantee or indicator of future performance, nor is it an indicator of rain. Talking Ewing™ knows when you've been good or bad, so be good for goodness sake.


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