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Updates on Production

June 24, 2005

It's fresh, new, spicy, and happening! No, Rusted Fork Media LLC is not going into the business of selling bottled summer Gazpacho, but we are back at work on the film! Peter boarded a shiny new blue Southwest Airlines plane for a trip to Southern California, enjoyed what seemed like more legroom, and is camping on the floor of George's apartment for an intensively fun week of work. Peter has been busy fixing and updating the animations, and George has been syncing audio, exporting OMF files, and building a Pro Tools Session for the final sound mix.

For his part, George is excited to be back focused on the film after what has been a busy year of work on various TV shows and other money producing ventures. He is thankful to be back with Welcome Space Brothers and still laughs at the project after so many years.

Peter has just completed his masters of fine art in playwriting from SF State University, and is preparing for the Bay Area Playwrights festival reading of his play, "Lamb and Jelly" which will be happening at the Magic Theater in July and August. It then looks like the world premiere will take place in SF under the producing tutelage of Killing My Lobster sometime in 2006. Good times in the theater for Peter.

So the upshot of this update is the news that George and Peter are doing well and are back working on the film and are going to get it completed this summer! Please send us notes of encouragement, lusty invitations, or wads of cash.

May 21, 2004

We weren't kidding that film perfection takes time! Seriously, bit by bit we are putting together the final pieces. The latest piece to fall into place is that we are in the process of setting up some wonderful color correction for the movie. George has just finished an intense TV reality show job. Thankfully, he's still alive and ready to get back to finalizing the movie.

In other news, Peter has a big summer of new play premieres coming up. If you live in New York City, be sure to check out his play, Colorado as part of the 1st annual Summer Play Festival at Theatre Row (1 week only!). And, if you live in Chicago, check out his play, Meaningless, performing August 16-September 19 at the Bailiwick Repertory Theatre. For more details, visit Peter's site.

January 6, 2004

Supercomposer Eban Schletter has finished mixing all of the cues for the film! We are thrilled and excited with the final audio creations, and are now plotting to get through our last few post production steps. Our audio mix is the biggie. Anyone have any ideas?

Then it will be, at long last, time for our official foray into the frenzied world of film festival submissions. Let us know if you're familiar with any wonderful festivals that will appreciate the curious and recently patented Rusted Fork Media comedic aesthetic.

July 24, 2003

Well, it has been much too long since our last news report. Actually, we've had some exciting developments over the last few months. Our biggest news is that our composer Eban Schletter has completed the score for the movie! It's been a long road for Eban as he managed to squeeze us in between a number of jobs he had, including completing the score for the recently released, "Dumb & Dumberer." We couldn't be more thrilled at the results of Eban's efforts on our little movie and can't wait go get to the finishing process.

Luckily, George was recently released from his corporate bondage producing videos for a monstrously large biotech company here in Southern California. The six month gig was a fiscally healthy thing for George as he enjoyed the curious phenomena of a steady paycheck for a little while. However, he now feels as if he has reclaimed his soul and can devote a good chunk of unemployment agency funded time to figuring out how to get Space Brothers out of his Macintosh and into a presentable form for our legions of fans.

So exciting months are ahead. We may actually update the site a few times with new developments before the year rolls out. Keep your fingers crossed and send us your love!

November 12, 2002

We are pleased to report that despite being incredibly busy, our composer Eban Schletter has managed to create music for roughly two thirds of the film. We love the tunes Eban is creating (he taught himself to play a theramin for he score) and feel that they are going to be a great addition to our little digital space tale. Eban was hoping to finish up as much of the film as he could before December sets in, so we're all keeping our fingers crossed.

Once Eban nears completion with the music, George will begin the process of spitting the movie out of his little Macintosh computer onto videotape. Then he will then attempt to wrangle a few favors from friends in the post-production business to see who can help out with things like color correction, some titling, and a sound mix. Should be fun! In any case, it appears the time for our final push is upon us. It's taken a few years, but we are going to get this film in the can so we can actually show it to people. Hang in there!

In the meantime, Rusted Fork Media LLC principals George and Peter have been keeping busy. Peter continues his money gig at Travelocity, and has started SF State's Masters Program in Playwriting. George continues his quest for money gigs in LA, is finishing a new screenplay, and created to amuse himself, and perhaps others. Check it out for some wacky fun.

Thanks for your notes and mournful cries of support. We're all anxious to see this film completed, so soon my children, soon. We're almost there...

April 19, 2002

So, after much promising, our website finally has movies for you to enjoy with friends, family, feline and pooch! So take advantage of that T1 line at the office and check out the silliness while you eat your tuna salad at work. Even those of you with dial-up connections will be able to enjoy some of our smaller clips, which consist of a line or two of dialog from a select character. Let us know what you think after you click over there.

In the editing realm, our picture is locked and waiting for music and final sound work. Peter was down in Los Angeles a few weeks back, and helped make some of the tough final editing decisions. While he was in town, George and Peter also partook in a summit meeting with our illustrious composer, Eban. During that meeting we all ate Cuban beans and discussed art. We all thought the meeting was very productive, but George drank one glass of lemonade too many.

Over the next few months, Eban hopes to find time in-between actual big $$ gigs to take a good running stab at the score for the film. Whenever he manages to get things to a finishing stage, there may be a few final editing adjustments for pacing purposes, but generally we're pretty happy with how the film is moving at this point. In fact, even after all this time, we still like it, and furthermore we think we're going to be able to stick to our goal of having the film completed in 2002!

February 11, 2002

Work continues toward completion. George has been collecting final comments on the last cut of the film, and plans to really officially lock picture in about two weeks. At that point little packets can be sent to Eban, our illustrious composer, so can go nuts with it once his current work commitments die down a bit.

The American Film Market begins in a few weeks here in Los Angeles and George plans to attend to begin scouting international distributors out there who are getting new and interesting films out into the world. In addition, George hopes to collect as much free merchandise as possible during the always exciting event. He desperately needs new workout shirts.

Please continue to send us your notes of support. We love it!

January 15, 2002

Rusted Fork News Flash! We wish to welcome composer Eban Schletter to the Rusted Fork Media Welcome Space Brothers Completion Team. Eban is an accomplished musician and composer who has lent his talents to such TV delights as HBO's Mr. Show with Bob and David, HBO's Tenacious D, and Comedy Central's Battlebots as well as feature films and albums of his own clever sonic design. In addition to being a unique musical talent, Eban also volunteered at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park at the same time that both George and Peter volunteered there during high school. We may have even crossed paths at some point while giving tours around the aligator gar tank.

We are extremely fortunate to have Eban on board to help us bring musical life to our little movie. Eban has an extensive list of interesting credits to his name as well as a very cool indie record label, which people should check out. His site is here: Eban's pipe organ CD is fantastic, so go and purchase it!

The excitement builds. Welcome Space Brothers will be finished. Oh yes.

January 6, 2002

Well, the holiday season has passed in this new and strange world of ours. Rusted Fork principals George and Peter fairly merrily consumed too much food and drink, although both ignored the eggnog. Confetti was thrown at the passing of midnight on the 31st as off key choruses of Old Angsine were belted out over the cacophony of smooching lips, clinking glasses, and howling dogs. 2002 was upon us.

We at Rusted Fork Media LLC are anticipating great things out of this fresh year, namely the completion of our organic and free range feature film, "Welcome Space Brothers." As some of you frequent visitors to our website's news section may already know, George spent a good part of the year actually working a real job, which meant his efforts to push the film towards completion were limited. Peter has been working for Travelocity in San Francisco, and offers his creative input in-between his labors of mapping cruise ships for the company's increasingly popular website.

Well, you ask yourself, what do these brothers have to do to finish their filmic opus? Simply stated, with the very limited funds we still have at our "disposal,'" we must find a satisfactory way to score the picture, execute our color correction and on-line editing chores, as well as perform our final sound mix. Once these tasks have been accomplished, we will have a completed film comedy to release around an eagerly waiting world. So hold on Japan, "Welcome Space Brothers" is on the way!

October 28, 2001

Exciting things are happening again at Rusted Fork Media. After finally completing his job as the post production supervisor on the "small shots" cable TV show, George is back to work on the film. George has purchased his very own computer upon which to complete the movie, as well as to surf the web and amuse himself with long hours of Photoshop play. Once he is able to configure all of the movie media on his new hard drives, he will go about the business of completing and outputting an absolutely locked cut of the film.

Then, if his new friends and the fantastic Post Logic Studios are still willing, the next phase of on-line work and color correction will begin. Soon a locked and finished version of the film will exist and the sound can be created and mixed to that finished picture. We may yet finish this movie of ours!

Send us love and messages of support:

August 23, 2001

Yes, we're still here, alive, and may be closer to actually getting through our final steps of production. The May entry remains pretty up to date as far as our goings on at the "Fork."

The show George has been working on, "Small Shots," has wrapped and premiered on TNN last night. Peter continues to "chill" and "be employed" in SF. The two met in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago to officially launch the final wave of fundraising and film completion. Alas, we're now aobout 80 bucks in the hole (that's not including the other 80 bucks we lost by paying to see Melinda, the First Lady of Magic). But maybe the nice folks at the Flamingo will be interested in investing in our film?

May 7, 2001

Well filmfans, it's been some time since our last Rusted Fork Media, LLC "Welcome Space Brothers" film production update. But, spring is here, the flowers are blooming, and the Rusted Fork principals are back to wearing shorts so we figured it was about time we send out a progress report.

To summarize what's happened:

We shot our film in the Summer of '99 and then completed our first assembled cut of the film just before Thanksgiving of '99. Then George took a five month hiatus from editing to reenter the working world and regain some fiscal sanity. Coffers somewhat replenished, George and Peter spent several intensive editing and animation creation sessions between March and October of 2000 to bring the film to the next level. After incorporating the voice talent of our favorite narrator, Rob Webb, we were able to effectively lock our picture at the end of 2000.

Picture locked, George and Peter then set about the task of working on the audio for the film. George imported all of the dialog material from the DAT originals, and then synchronized all of the film's audio for increased sonic clarity. Peter worked his formidable Photoshop skills to improve the film's animations while spearheading the search for a composer.

This pretty much brings us to today. George has reentered the working world and is currently employed as the post production supervisor on a new cable TV show. In addition to actually making money for a change, George is endeavoring to make friends and find favors in the video post production world. The extremely costly process of color correcting, sound designing, and mixing a film could be greatly reduced if George is able to convince his new post friends that their lives will be improved and their facilities will not go bankrupt if they work on Space brothers out of love and the occasional tray of director/producer baked brownies.

In any case, while most of George's time is being sucked away by his TV gig, it does not come without the potential side benefit of finding a way to actually finish the film in the near future without having to find additional gobs of capital.

Well, we just wanted to let all of you know that Space Brothers is continuing. We find ourselves moving at the pace of most indie productions, which is to say very slowly, but feel that, in the end, we will finish the film and have a fun movie to share with the world.

Thanks for all of your continued support and patience. Please drop by the website whenever you want. It's for those of you who've forgotten. Stick a posting on our newfangled message board, or send us an e-mail if you want. Enjoy the springtime....

March 15, 2001

Our needs to fill personal fund coffers still dominate our time and slow our progress somewhat. However, to whet your appetites a bit, we are planning on releasing a few clips of the film on this here website, as well as a little trailer to give you an exciting glimpse into our finished product to be. So keep your eye out for that in the next few weeks or so, as soon as George gets around to it (he's currently jobbing on a new TV show coming out later this year). We are in sore need of some completion funds for Rusted Fork right now too, and are desperately seeking wealthy patrons. If you know of any wealthy patrons, or even not so wealthy but fool-hearty patrons, please drop us a line.

We continue our independent film struggle. It is a long process, as you may have figured out by now, but we are determined to complete the process as soon as we can! Send us the good vibes!

February 6, 2001

Well, frankly we don't have too much to report from the last month but there are a few goodies. George has continued to play with the film's audio and is currently doing technical research on how to get the audio elements out of final cut pro and into pro tools, an application better suited for sonic manipulation.

In addition, George and Editor David Kalgsbrun are discussing a few little editing tweaks to the current cut of the film. We figure we may as well take advantage of our realtive down time to improve upon the film and make stuff even better.

We are going to hold of on sending the film out to more festivals until we are actually finished and have a piece that we are really happy with. We are getting closer to this goal.

Other than that, George and Peter are both currently attempting to toil for some money to live upon before continuing with the final push to complete our project. As always, wish us luck and keep those letters coming!

January 5, 2001

Yes we're still alive! No need to panic.

The holidays have passed by, various tokens of appreciation exchanged among loving family, and the new year is here, and so are we. The independent film making struggle continues.

We continue to submit the early cut of our film to more and more festivals. Park City passed us by this year, probably because our film sadly does not address any identity issues, and, well, maybe our film is just plain too weird. Still, we go on, proud of our project, and confident that, once its all done, we'll have something really nice.

We are currently in that state where the finish line is in sight but there are numerous giant boulders that keep rolling in the way of it. Our major struggle at this point is to finish our sound work on the project. That includes the adding of effects and having a score that is both "orally" pleasing, dramatically effective, and legally usable. The added challenge involves achieving these feats with extremely little money. Ahhh, its the classic indie struggle pathos.

Despite the immense difficulty at this stage, we feel like we are making strides towards being done with the darn thing, and really hope to be done with it probably in the next several months. (We are being asked this question a lot recently. People keep asking "so when are you going to be done with that thing?" As though we were just baking a cake!) Once its all finis (french intentional), we will schedule a few screenings for our cast, crew, those of you who helped contribute, and all our fans (you). And then we will hopefully sell it to video distribution in Uganda, or something like that.

Keep the love and support coming in! We need it badly! All the best to everyone in their global struggles!

More updates as they come in and be sure to post comments on our discussion board.

November 26, 2000

George has almost completed the task of importing all of the dialogue audio into the film. Up until now, we have been using the sound recorded by the camera microphone as opposed to using our higher quality DAT recordings made with a fancy (and often fuzzy) boom mic. But no more! In the next week all of our dialogue shall be sycnhed up to the picture and the quality of viewing the film should rise faster than you can say Dolby Digital. Should be wild and exciting.

Things are also moving along on the composer and sound (non talking) front. We've been meeting and talking with a number of folks, all of whom we think would contribute great music to our project. Our omnipresent "we're pretty low on dough" financial situation is proving to make the task even more challenging. Such are the joys of no budget filmmaking, along with no dental plan. (George really needs to get his teeth cleaned!)

In other news, our film has found its merry way to the piles of other films submitted to the Slamdance Film Festival. We wish us luck (and hope you do too), and are getting ready to submit to Aspen (US Comedy Festival) and South by Southwest and a string of other places that might enjoy the subtle wackiness of our homegrown movie. Hopefully we'll soon be able to report some upcoming screenings for our film at some of these festivals fortunate enough to receive our submission.

In the web world, we now have a discussion board. Be sure to stop by and post thoughts or questions. That's all the news for now. Happy season of shopping!

October 26, 2000

Work continues on completing Welcome Space Brothers for the viewing public. We are currently talking to sound houses and composers to contribute the dynamic audio elements to the movie. We are also bringing in all our real audio into the film. That is, all the audio that was recorded separately on a DAT is now being synched up to the picture, replacing the lower quality camera-mic sound we have in currently.

We are also preparing to submit the film to a few more festivals in November, and are working on a strategic plan for getting the film to be seen by the eager and desperate public.

On the website here we have updated the summary of the film, enhanced our contact form, and in the next couple days will have a shnazzy and simple message board for all of you to post questions, thoughts, or random musings about whatever you want. Look for that to go live early next week.

Onwards we go.

October 8, 2000

Despite a last minute attempt by the technology Gods to prevent us from actually getting the film out of the computer, we managed to output the latest, shnazziest, and shiniest cut of our film, transfer it to videotape, and drop it by the Sundance office in time to be considered for next year's festival. It is a momentous accomplishment, as it represents our very first submission to the "public" of our bizarre little comedy.

The two weeks preceding the delivery was a major dollop of work. George travelled to New York City (that's right, the city reknown for making bad Salsa) and recorded our narrator, played by the awesomely talented Robb Webb. You may recognize his voice on the indie show Fishing With John or as the voice of 60 Minutes. Well now we have a recording of him saying "Wahaca used too much superglue to put on the alien costume."

Peter arrived in Los Angeles the same day George returned from New York, and then began a 10 day blitz of on average 14+ hour days of work. The biggest task was the cutting in of the narrator's voice into the film, and a complete overhaul of the animations throughout the film. Approximately 60 new animation sequences were created (about 30 for the film intro alone) and inserted. Such exciting new elements include a newly designed Mrrrgh creature (now a terrifying hybrid of Iguana and Hyena), a death ray (a hybrid of the Mars rover, a 70mm ship cannon, and the international space station), and numerous depictions of life on Pontoo.

We also overhauled the (tempoary) music of much of the film, which adds a great deal of tension and action to the film. The scoring is also more spare than previous cuts as well.

We are also proud to have completed our new Dogma, Dogma Candleshoe, which you'll be seeing on the site here very soon, as well as a new, more appropriate film summary.

Our next task is to synch our real audio to the cut of the film, enhance our sound design, and find someone to score our film with original music. Plus, we have another round of festival submissions coming up at the end of the month. The fun never stops, onwards we go.

September 24, 2000

George is in New York City the next few days to record our golden throated "Narrator," Robb Webb, who will be contributing his deep authoritative tones to the space brothers project. So, barring any major recording studio snafu, tonsilitis, or America West Airlines stewardess strike, all should flow delightfully along.

George will also be meeting a with a couple other folks in Gotham to assist in developing more visually arresting promotional materials, as we move into the phase of movie making that we call "Trying to sell and show the damn thing cause we're damn proud of it." Simultaneoulsy, a few more ADR sessions are taking place in SF early this week with a few cast members.

That being said, brother Peter heads to Los Angeles on Wednesday and shall meet George at the Encounter Bar around 4PM or so when he returns from New York. For the next week, animations will be shnazzed, narration shall be integrated (and George's narrator voice removed), real audio shall be imported, music inserted, credits built, submission materials assembled, and a nice quality film output shall be made and our first submissions to festivlas shall begin in the first few days of October. Then we shall dance. Then we shall continute working as we continue to perfect our piece and submit it to more festivals and markets as the fall progresses.

Good vibes are wholly appreciated.
Good vibes are also welcome via email. Vibe to:

September 13, 2000

We're proud to say that after a Southern California visitation by Peter, the film is, for all practical purposes, picture locked. Tweaks and jiggles will happen, but we feel really good about the current state of affairs. Now it's on to music, sounds, and finalizing all of our animations, as well as laying down the very official and authentic sounding Narrator voice (more on this as details become more clear)

We are shooting for a few key festival deadlines coming in October in November, one of the first being the Sundance Film Festival in Park City (deadline is October 6, wahoo!). So we will be working hard (as usual) to make our film look nice and shnazzy (though with a few rough edges).

Thanks go out to Julie Kirkwood for helping out for a day shooting some extra shots of buckets sending milky fluid into the air, as well as our elaborate (and awe inspiring even) "box taking off shot". These elements have been added to the film and we feel just great about them.

There's the skinny for the last few weeks. Keep your fingers crossed, prayers coming, or whatever sort of good luck ritual you choose to bestow upon us. Back to work we go...

August 20, 2000

Screenings of the 2.0 cut continue as Peter and George get comments and refine the workings of Welcome Space Brothers Version 2.1. Some additional pick-up footage was shot this past weekend in the nice and brown hills of West Marin to swap out with those shots of greenish hills that we seem to have right now. We also shot some more materials to create our digital animations in the intro and conclusion, so that should help make things more dramatic and wacky.

Our goal is to have the film ready to send to festivals this fall, and currently we're on track to getting things ready enough to make the picture ready for viewing by the public at large.

Onward we slowly march in this war of filmic attrition...

July 29, 2000

Our second cut has been completed and we have begun a small round of screenings for discriminating audiences. It's great to finally be hearing some feedback and getting a feel for what is actually working. So far, we've been harvesting some great comments and ideas for some good fixes that will add to the comedic effetiveness of our little project.

So, George will continue to show the projects to some small groups as he makes refinments to the existing cut. Editor David Klagsbrun might even join him for a day or two here and there. Should be fun. Peter is currently busy up in Northern California directing a show for Killing My Lobster, so if any of you folks are up there, check it out.

Also, in the next few weeks, check back with the site here to get our first free downloadable movie poster! Tell your friends, print it out at work, and post it everywhere! In addition, the eagerly anticipated Dogma Candleshoe manifesto will be appearing, as we here at Rusted Fork Media have decided to sign on.

That's all the news that's fit to print.

July 14, 2000

Well, we seem to be closing in on the ever elusive second cut. George and David have been busy trying to get the film into shape to start showing a few test audiences. This have become somewhat delayed as George has been going wild creating animations. He tries to remind himself that much of what he is creating is temporary, but he's just having too darned a good time. Anyhow, that's the skinny.

In the months to come, we are trying to focus on finalizing our cut and moving on to the wonderful world of sound, which should be fun. It's the next great post production frontier for us here at Rusted Fork Media. We're taking a collective deep breath and charging forward. Wish us luck...

June 24, 2000

Finishing touches and animation garnishes are being put on the second cut of Welcome Space Brothers. A bit shorter, but with more stuff, the second cut moves along at a quick energetic pace, featuring lots of new narration and animations. In the next week we will be setting up a few small test screenings for this new cut. Work continues on sound, finding someone to score the film (anyone know Combustible Edison?), and developing shnazzy marketing materials.

Party on.

June 12, 2000

Peter has just returned from a 5 day jaunt in LA for more editing with George and David. The film continues to chopped and shaped and garnished, with the next several days focusing on tightening and clarifying the dramatic conclusion. A few more inserts were also shot over the weekend, including a dramatic egg frying shot and a series of tight closeups of people getting into biohazard suits, deftly photographed by Nachtrieb brother Ed.

We expect completion of this next pass within the next couple weeks, after which we will engage in new rounds of test screenings as well as jumping in and working on our sound. (At last, the DAT's will be heard).

Other work includes additional fundraising (including a bake sale in San Francisco), and preparation for publicity and marketing of the picture upon completion. The fun never ends!

June 4, 2000

Editor David Klagsbrun is officially back, much to the delight of the Rusted Fork Media principals. Using the edit system provided by brother Edward Nachtrieb (under cover of the late night hours), David and George have been vigorously attacking the film's cut of old. New animations are being spliced in, minutes of film are being spliced out, and the piece is starting to resemble a movie. Praise the holy!

Peter arrives in Southern California at the end of the upcoming week to contribute his thoughts and ideas to the evolving cut. In addition, Peter has been working with designer and actor, James Bewley, to create the first of the Welcome Space Brothers movie posters. Keep your eyes peeled for a free download soon!

May 22, 2000

Work on Edit pass number two continues. George sneaks into an office building at night to borrow the edit system belonging to brother Ed. At this point, significant changes and additions have taken place over reel one, and we are looking forward to attacking the subsequent reels. In addition, our search for the perfect narrator voice may have narrowed, but we will make no official announcements unitl all is official.

Peter contributes to the efforts in Southern California by sending down photoshop files to be used in little animations throughout the film. Editor David Kalgsbrun may be logging some quality time on the edit machine as well, once he finishes a project up in Northern California.

That's it for this week. Tune in for more excitement in the near future!

May 12, 2000

All is well at Rusted Fork Media, LLC. Editing, part deux, continues in Los Angeles with George currently at the helm, working through the piece. We have access to a system on nights and weekends (thanks Ed!) and are plugging away.

Last Wednesday, George and Peter returned to their high school alma mater, Marin Academy, to present a special assembly on living the creative life and the making of an independent film. They showed a number of stills from the pictue as well as a clip of the film shot on the campus, and they got Derek Anderson, college counselor who also helped work on the shoot a couple days, to dress in a cow suit much to the students' delight. The assembly was a lot of fun, and was great to see the teachers that helped lead George and Peter down their strange little path.

More fun to come.

May 2, 2000

The last two weeks have been quite busy. Peter headed down to Los Angeles for an intensive two week editing session of Welcome Space Brothers with brother George. They developed a list of approximately 60 major changes to the film. This included the creation and writing of a wacky narrator character that will steer the audience through the story. Also included is the creation of a animation-intensive two minute introduction that will set the tone for the rest of the film. Part of this opening includes a stunning "spacebox flying through space" sequence. Think Star Wars, then think low budget.

Completion of all the changes in this second round will probably take about a month to do, after which the project should be looking quite strong. We are also working on developing a movie poster, researching film festivals, looking for completion funding, and preparing an exciting "how to make an independent film" assembly for George and Peter's high school alma mater, Marin Academy.


April 14, 2000

We have begun our second round of editing. Peter is heading down to Los Angeles next week to work with George on the next pass, incorporating the additional footage we have shot over the past few months, and perhaps shooting a few more inserts while we are there. We will also be laying down scratch animations and inserting a brand new character, a dynamic narrator that will speed the film along its thrilling path.

As we slowly approach completion, we are beginning our planning for film festival submission, using the handy internet to find venues that seem supportive of independent comedy. Please send us any hot tips if you gott 'em! Send a letter to:

March 24, 2000

A successful couple days of pick-up shooting was had early this week, featuring the amazing acting talents of Harold and Ursula Nachtrieb as the Tobacco Executives. No, there was no subtle familial strife that led us into casting our parents as symbols of corporate evil. We just thought it'd be funny. And it was. Keep your eyes out for the exciting banana scene when the film hits the streets.

We also nabbed Duane Schirmer for a couple hours of bowling in San Francisco, to use for some flashbacks in the film. Duane managed to bowl two strikes for the camera during the entire time we were there.

Monday, we shot the Alien Couple love montage sequence. We shot several locations in Golden Gate Park, including an electrifying paddleboat scene on Stow Lake (with Peter Nachtrieb's side of the boat considerably lower to the water than Mara Gerstein's), a leaf hide and go seek scene, a "necking" scene, a Julie Kirkwood cameo, and some running on the beach. All on a beautiful sunny day, all very silly.

While we still have a few little inserts left to grab, we have a large chunk of the additional footage we need to make our picture more snappy and fun. Combined with the creation of a new Narrator character, our second edit should make this picture more than just a comedy, but a motion picture event!

In the meantime, we feel talking ewing could be its own motion picture event.

March 16, 2000

George is heading up to San Francisco this weekend to capture a few more digital gems for Welcome Space Brothers. We will be shooting the Tobacco Board scenes (featuring talented parents Harold and Ursula Nachtrieb as the venmous executives), as well as flashbacks and a love montague for the two Alien protagonists. And Duane, if you're reading this, maybe we can spend some time with you Bowling this weekend.

We are currently seeking out musicians to score the film, a mighty undertaking that will be crucial to the film's excellence. If you have any leads or suggestions of people we could contact, drop us a line!

In addition please now enjoy our brand new talking ewing feature of the website, perhaps one of the more lame uses of web technology, but still fully conveys the true spirit of Ewing.

February 29, 2000

We are now launching into a new round of editing and a little bit of shooting. The next few weeks will see us grabbing various insert shots, flashback sequences as well as the highly anticipated "Tobacoo Exec." scene. These final bits shooting will lead us into a final bout of editing and a locked picture by the end of April.

Cow/Artist extraordinaire James Bewley has undertaken the mission of creating our film poster. Please rest assured in knowing our movie poster will not just be two silhouetted profiles with an ominous prop screened in the back. No, folks, get ready for the best movie poster you have ever seen for a low budget comedy film.

We are also seeking out facilities and personnel for our sound design/editing portion of the Space Brothers Epic. If you've got any leads, please contact us. Send a letter to:

February 15, 2000 and are now 1 year old! And who would've thunk it. Our gossip and news sections now chronicle twelve months of independent film struggle and intrigue. In addition, we feel he have the finest typos of any website out there (and leave them in our work as long as we possibly can).

As mentioned before, the site will be expanding in the next month with all sorts of weird stuff (games, bulletin board, soon-to-be celebrity profiles). Keep your eyes peeled and let your friends know where the party is at.

We also encourage everyone to build their own Welcome Space Brothers fan site as part of our massive online effort to promote our comedy gem. We need all the support we can get!

January 30, 2000

Rusted Fork Media is currently planning its next wave of attack on the frontier of Space Brother Production. We continue to get our various post production elements lined up while Rusted Fork principals George and Peter toil to pay their rent and "keep the dream alive."

We expect to be shooting our tobacco executive sequence in the coming month of February as well as continue to collect our sound elements for the next phase of editing. Keep your fingers crossed, say whatever prayers make sense to you, and stay tuned...

January 7, 2000

Well, we emerge from the holidays and the successful transition to the year 2000 with one company wide resolution, finish the movie!

Towards this end, we are planning to do a bit of rewriting and restructuring to incorporate comments we received during some of our highly informative test screenings over the last several weeks. Generally we feel the operation is operational and we want to "kick it up a notch" as they might say on some of the quality cooking shows. We will also find ourselves shooting a bit of additional footage, incorporating it into the picture, and zeroing in on our "picture-lock." To top it all off, we get to file all of our taxes and continue with the attempts to raise more funds.

In addition, look for exciting new things on the website! Soon, we will have a very fun java based games and chat area, so all you Space Brothers fans can play against each other or meet the love of your life. Also look for a message board area, more pictures, and hopefully a nice little quicktime or realvideo preview of the film.

Here's to the fun ahead!

December 16, 1999

The last week at Rusted Fork Media has been relatively quiet as we spin off into the holiday season. An evening was spent shooting the interior of the spaceship scenes in the closet formerly inhabited by the clothes of producer Peter Nachtrieb. Using the fribulator and the shimmering glow of a clumped strand of Christmas lights, we were able to simulate the alien's John Glenn-like entry into the earth's atmosphere as well as a magical scene for the film's finale. Altogether we had a great time and got some really fun footage.

In other news, we are currently looking for a digital effects artist to help us with the opening and title sequence of the film. In addition, our quest for sound folks continues as we march into our next phase of post production. Altogether we're preparing for our final push, and trying to evaluate how we can make things happen with our frill-less budget. Peter and George are both thinking it would be nice to some day work on a film that has a few frills in the budget.

November 29, 1999

The last few weeks have been productive here at Rusted Fork Media's southern California offices. We had a successful screening of our first rough cut to a small group of individuals who tolerated our temporary sound tracks and effects and still managed to laugh and provide invaluable comments and ideas. Altogether we feel like we're on the right track, and will keep working to make things even better.

We now look to the coming weeks to prepare for our special effects sequences, begin the process of effects and dialogue editing, and deciding what we will finally be using for the score of the film. In other words, plenty of work to do ahead.

Many thanks go out to David Klagsbrun who has been doing a wonderful job editing the picture together, and is now taking a short hiatus to cut another feature project in Northern California. We look forward to seducing him back to the Space Brother lair at semi frequent intervals as we refine our current cut.

November 17, 1999

The weather Gods gave us a beautiful, sunny day last Saturday as we headed out to West Marin and Sonoma to grab a few more shots before the hills turn completely green. Just a skeleton crew and a few actors, the team raced from location to location to get a few bits that will make the film flow even better. There was even time for a nice lunch at Rancho Nicasio before continuing on, and Mara Gerstein (Black) got a nice nap in as we shot James Bewley (Mungo, the cow wizard) running around the hills in various states of panic and exhaustion.

A very small audience will be viewing the rough cut (with the brand new shots from the weekend) today in LA, giving us a first round of feedback from the public at large. This is an exciting moment for us and the responses of our "test audience" will be extremely valuable as we move farther along in our post production.

November 11, 1999

Our rough cut is complete! And now begins the task of trimming bits and loosening other bits, shaping characters, layering in sound cues, and further molding of the film into a solid, entertaining, and artistically sumptuous piece of work. Once the edited picture is in good shape, we will begin to focus more intensively on the audio of the piece.

In addition to simply editing our footage, we are heading out this weekend to shoot some more material. Provided it doesn't rain, we'll be heading out to West Marin and Sonoma once again to grab a few shots of exteriors, farmhouses, and just a few more running scenes with the Aliens and the Cow. The shots we get will help enormously in tying some scenes together, establishing locations, and making the flow of the flim nice and smooth.

So the work continueth, and things are looking good! More updates soon. And everyone, please collectively pray for no rain in Northern California this Saturday!

November 1, 1999

Well, completion of our first assembly draws ever closer. Editor David Klagsbrun has been laboring in the sweltering editing suite while director George Nachtrieb spent a few days out on the east coast. David has completed the cutting of the town hall sequences and has wrapped out the interiors for the Center for Psychological Research. Now all that remains is the climactic junkyard chase, town mayhem, and climactic battle sequence.

Once the rough assembly has been completed, Rusted Fork principal Peter Nachtrieb will make the trip (this Thursday actually) to LA to view the results and strategize the completion process. In the coming weeks we'll be doing some second unit pick-up shooting, additional editing, and starting in on the process of our sound effects editing.

Lots of fun ahead in the creation of Welcome Space Brothers.

October 18, 1999

We are excited to report that we are more than halfway through our first Cut of the film, Welcome Space Brothers. We still find ourselves giggling at the material, so we think that's a good sign. We continue to work using Apple's Final Cut Pro editing software running on some generous friend's Macintosh (Thanks again Matt and Sarah!). We are looking to move onto yet another system at the beginning of November, so any folks out there with a line on an unused and neglected G3 Macintosh, please let us know!

We are also preparing to begin another fund drive to get us through our post production process and across the filmic finish line. We are preparing to do our sound work, special effects sequences, and music scoring, and final video "on-line" before we send the piece out to be viewed by the anxious masses. Needless to say, a bit more cash will be necessary to complete all of these tasks.

Finally, much to the amazement of friends and family, Rusted Fork Media's President, George Nachtrieb, continues to survive on a steady diet of fruit, oat squares and a plethora of veggies, rice and beans.

October 6, 1999

The past ten days has seen Rusted Fork Media's entire web division (Peter) get the flu, of which he is finally recovering from, and beginning to feel his happy energetic self. Needless to say, some of the changes to the site are a little behind, but will be here soon.

In more film-related news, the rough cut continueth. Over a third of the way through the film, George and David edit away. A recent computer change was made, as we lost access to one system and had to seek out another. That being done, (Thanks Sarah and Matt!!), the process continues, and the film just gets funnier.

Happy October!

September 27, 1999

The Rough Cut continues! Slowly but surely, Welcome Space Brothers is being pieced together into its first order. The footage is looking excellent, and scenes are cutting together extremely well so far.

In addition, we have been entering the words "Space Brothers" into Web search engines and finding some wonderful, oddly entertaining sites, which we will be posting up here soon.

September 17, 1999

Rusted Fork Media welcomes David Klagsbrun to the Welcome Space Brothers post production team. David will be working with George to edit the film into a coherent comic experience for world wide audiences. Over the past several years, David has worked as an assistant editor on several feature projects as well as principal editor on feature fiction and documentary projects. David was quite excited by the footage he saw, and is looking forward to jumping into the editing fray. We can't wait to have him start.

In other news, Peter is designing an expansion of the website. The number of hits the site climbs every week, and we are figuring out ways to take advantge of this growing attention. We will be continuing with our usual strangeness, but are also planning to invite our mushrooming number of visitors to participate as members of the Welcome Space Brothers community. We will be creating some simple and somewhat ridiculous "on-line games" as well as a "bulletin board" for community postings. Ultimately, we want people to return to the site frequently,and for a community to develop around the Welcome Space Brothers project.

George is searching for access to a new edit system (if you happen to have one laying around the house, please let us know), starting the beginning of October. So far, we've been quite happy with Apple's Final Cut Pro system, so we'd like to try and continue editing with it if possible. Peter is planning a trip to Southern California to supervise the editing process, and to make sure that his partner and brother, George, is doing work of appropriate quality.

September 9, 1999

On Tuesday, Rusted Fork Media, LLC senior member, advisor, a partial genepool provider Harold C. Nachtrieb became older in years, and further wiser with yet more invaluable advice to bequeath to us all. We all wish him the happiest Birthday and a wild and exciting decade to come! We love you, dad!

In other news, the first trailer of the film is nearing completion, promising to be as wild and wacky as the film itself. George will be making a trip up to San Francisco this weekend to show a preview of the preview at the big birthday party this weekend.

Look for more pictures on the website later next week, as whole new crop of stills is coming in. We are also going to add some new sections pretty soon, including a "lore section," which will help create a fake legend around the film (so far as we can tell, this has never been done before, heh heh), as well as some other, perhaps more silly stuff.

August 30, 1999

Post production is underway in Southern California. Preparations are being made to assemble the first cut. This process has included fleshing out our camera and sound logs and entering them into a computer database, reviewing footage, and selecting takes from the over twenty seven hours of material we were able to shoot. In addition, we are in the process of cutting together a preview trailer which might actually show up here on the website sometime soon. Keep checking back to see when that might make it's way to a screen near you.

August 22, 1999

Welcome to Post Production!

George has head back down to Los Angeles with the film in a box in the backseat, ready for the next "most important" step of the making of a movie, the editing.

Up in the docket right now is to log the footage, and cut a trailer of the movie to show to potential investors, buyers, and friends within the next month. In addition we will start preparing more promotional materials, and start to more aggressively publicize the making of the picture.

Immediately following the trailer making, will be a rough assembly of the entire film, where we will see how the film looks as scripted and what needs to be tightened, and if there are any needs for re-shooting this fall. This should take about 6 weeks to 2 months to do.

On the web front, changes to the website are afoot. Firstly, we have bought, which goes to the same site as, but now we can do a little "Blair Witch Project" legend and lore making to generate incredible buzz and help us make those millions. (heh heh)

August 16, 1999

2 new sections to the website are here.

The very first production stills are here! Take a first look. These are video grabs from actual film footage. We will have more stills coming up soon, including many behind the scenes and "making of" type dealies which will be fun to look at.

Also, please check out the credits section, always growing. These are the folks that made the last month happen, and happen really well. Love them!

August 6, 1999

Principal Photography on Welcome Space Brothers is complete!

In the past!

Our final week involved a couple more days in San Francisco on our stage at New Langton Arts, shooting the Center for Psychological Research, creating numerous different rooms, and getting some very funny stuff, including a wonderful mooing scene from John Remak, who plays Nurse Wahaca (and spends a large chunk of the film in a rubber alien mask).

Last Sunday and Wednesday, we managed to luck out with the sun and grab the "junkyard" footage we had missed earlier in the run of things. Shot near the Nicasio ranch, the rusty junkyard looked great, and we managed to grab a lot of great footage. For continuity reasons we shot a scene of George shaving his head as it had been three weeks since he had his original Ewing haircut. Now the hair on his goatee is longer than the hair on his head.

And now we are done, and enjoyed a nice wrap party last night in the Mission district of the city.

Here are some rough stats of the shoot:

  • Including fogged days, we shot 22 days.
  • We logged about 27 hours of footage.
  • We went through 25 cases of water
  • There were 2 speeding tickets received by the crew.
  • There were 2 car accidents sustained by crew and cast (everyone's OK)
  • We went "gonzo" (very quick filmmaking) on average 2 hours per shooting day.
  • Julie Kirkwood's special vegetarian meals were messed up 4 times by the food folks.
  • The Winnebago was "flushed" twice.

We're still working on how much money we actually spent but its looking like we stayed on budget. Take that Jim Cameron!

Coming up:
Editing begins this month, logging tapes, cutting a trailer.
The website will contain some new areas, a credits section, plus lots of pictures from the shoot. Look for that late next week.

Until the next update, good things to you all!

July 30, 1999

Its nearing the end of July and principal photography is almost complete!

Today is our fourth day of shooting at New Langton Arts in San Francisco where we have built our sets for the Center for Psychological Research. The shooting has been going extremely well there, with it being quite nice to film in a controlled environment (with the minor exception of the footsteps occasionally interrupting from the floor above). Our final day there tomorrow also sees the end of interior shoots for the film.

The week preceding saw us fogged out a day again, but with successful shoots of some hallways (shot at Marin Academy in San Rafael) James (Warren Keith) and Heidi (Kim Richards) in and outside, and the UFO cult at the Letizi house (A geodesic dome) in Penngrove.

Because of the fog, we still have more exterior shots to get. On Sunday, we'll pick up a number of scenes and try to grab some more a day next week, depending on some actors schedules. By the end of next week, we will be officially "wrapped" with principal photography. Wait for the next email for the official confirmation, especially if the fog stays in for the next two months.

What's in the future. Well, the wrap party for one at a location to be determined. Then editing will begin down in Los Angeles, with perhaps some reshoots in the fall. As things happen we'll keep ya posted.

July 19, 1999

Week two is over and it was quite a swing of weather to contend with.

Last Monday gave us 100 degree heat and a long day of shooting folks in biohazard suits, James Bewley in a foam cow suit, and several running around scenes all in the open sun. Fortunately, no "Raiders of the Lost Ark" Sandstorms to report. We consumed several cases of water and drinks and managed to get a lot done though the slow motion factor was in high effect.

Tuesday we shot the exterior of the center for Psychological research, a small shack on the ranch (gateway to an underground lab). The weather was a bit more pleasant, and the only force of nature to contend with were the cows and horses licking our vehicles.

Thursday and Friday brought us fog and lots of it, giving us only about 4 hours over those two days of decent shooting time. Our farthest away location, a junkyard in Sebastopol, had to be scrapped as it was completely socked in with fog and little sign of breaking up. We quickly rushed to the ranch to catch some sun and got a couple scenes in, but we lost some important time which we have to make up this week.

Saturday we shot the Winnebago as the home for Gerry (Joe Paulino) and Susan (Thessaly Lerner), and the weather was on our side this time! We had a full day and got all the scenes we needed to cover, and had a lot of fun shooting the various "love scenes" that occur in the Winnebago, which features Gerry dressed up in a wetsuit with an inflatable shark, Susan, prancing about sprinkling water, and the alien Red escaping out the back window of the RV.

We are enjoying now the second day of our non shooting preparing for our third week when we shoot a NEW junkyard, the UFO cult house, Research Center Hallways, and the James and Heidi Scenes. That's 5 different locations over 5 days! Yikes!

July 11, 1999

We have completed our first 6 days of shooting and its been wild.

The weather has generally been our friend so far as we have had beautiful crystal clear days (except a little fog last Tuesday) at our exterior ranch in Nicasio.

Last Monday through Wednesday we shot a number of scenes towards the beginning of the film featuring the Alien Couple (Mara Gerstein and Peter Nachtrieb) and the Cow Wizard(James Bewley) in and around their spaceship (read the summary if that's confusing). Plus we shot the arresting scene where Kathy (Sally Dana) apprehends the Alien. We shot Eddie (Bill Donoghue) jumping through the police car window, Heidi (Kimberly Richards) reclaiming her cow, and the Alien couple eating some grass. George got to take his first stab at acting in the film as Ewing and we spent a good 15 minutes getting shots of his face doing strange things.

Thursday and Friday put us in Lagunitas at the Fleming House for all the scenes that occur in the Sheriff's Office, a converted home office in an old carriage house, decorated with flags, ankle chains and wanted signs of Osama BinLaden. Friday had the whole town in the scene which was a hilarious shoot.

Saturday was our biggest day of the shoot, in numbers, with the entire cast (minus 2) plus extras and stand-ins. We shot a good chunk of the finale chase scene which featured the town running around in Biohazard suits (fire protective gear and ice cream tubs painted atomic green), the psychological research team running around with Nurse Wahaca stuck in his rubber costume, and the experimental subjects dressed as commandos (tree branches duct taped to their college sweatshirts)

So we're off and running! Week two takes us back to the ranch to shoot more finale scenes, other stuff at "Paul's Bag Stand", the exterior of the Center for Psychological Research, and up to the Junkyard for two days of shooting.

Things are going great, we're still walking, though Director of Photography Julie Kirkwood did sprain her ankle but is on the recovery (no steadicam shots for Julie on Monday! Lots of Beer though after the shoot!) Frank Castro, our Production Manager, also went swimming for the very first time last night!

off we go!

July 7, 1999

Shooting has begun!

We're just beginning our third day of shooting out in West Marin and things are going really well, despite a few bouts with the fog. We have shot several of our key roadside scenes and today includes the arresting scene of the alien, Black, by Nurse/Deputy Kathy. We're having a good time so far, we're all already a bit sunburnt and praying to the fog gods to keep the mist at bay, or at least in Pacifica and not farther north.

June 28, 1999

One week till shooting!

This upcoming week involves finding and getting lots of stuff. We are picking up various costumes, including a ridiculous Alien costume for Nurse Wahaca to wear in the finale from a costume shop in San Jose. We are tracking down many more props, and painting the ice cream tubs we have collected from Baskin Robbins atomic green to serve as helmets for our biohazard suits (Thanks to Amy Mordecai for the idea). Can you say low budget? Plus, well be picking up the 34 foot Winnebago we are renting which will act as the comfort center, changing room, and commode for our 3 weeks of location shooting (Our fourth week is on a stage in SF)

We are also testing our new digital cameras this week. We are using two brand new Sony 3-chip digital video cameras (the vx1000, and trv900 for you techie types) in PAL (European) format. Having two cameras gives us some insurance on any possible breakage, plus allows us to double cover our shots allowing a more efficient shoot (which we'll need as we are on a tight schedule). We will be recording our sound into the camera, as well as backing it up on a timecode DAT recorder.

June 22, 1999

Two weeks till the first day of shooting! Woo hoo!

Now comes the time of acquiring lots of stuff! We are acquiring props and costumes, preparing contracts, buying equipment, running around, spending [what little] money [we have], piling materials up in our garage, and we're about to purchase our shooting cameras.

We'd also like to say a big welcome to Julie Kirkwood, our esteemed Director of Photography, who's gonna be shooting with us for the whole month. Frank Castro is our First Assistant Director/Production Manager who will be emigrating from Los Angeles for the month of July to work on the project. More introductions to come.

We have found a Winnebago!! In addition to being a comfortable place to lounge out of the sun or fog, we will use it as a set, as the house for Gerry and Susan. How's that for being resourceful?

In addition, we are officially an LLC, recognized by the Secretary of State of California. This is important as we negotiate with investors, unions, our wallets, and so forth.

Lots more of course, but so little time to report.

We are still seeking investors and small contributions, to make our way successfully through production with a minimum of credit card debt.

June 15, 1999

Pre-production is in full swing. We have added more found locations to our list, including a beautiful ranch near Glen Ellen. We are acquiring props, equipment, costumes, and crew these days, preparing shot lists, modulating the shooting schedule, filling out union forms, calling lots of people, everything that makes filmmaking a dizzying whirlwind of fun! Today, the first 5 of 15 empty Ice Cream tubs were received from a Baskin Robbins, for our biohazard suit helmets.

We are also still try to nail down a Winnbeago. Anyone? Anyone?

June 7, 1999

Casting is now complete, and we are psyched about that. We have a wonderful group of talented actors, and we are thrilled they have joined us in our journey. Take that Los Angeles, you don't have them all!

More locations were found late last week, including a simply spectacular cattle ranch site in West Marin, where the majority of our road exteriors will be shot. Plus we tracked down another rural house we will probably use as our Gerry and Susan house.

Several meetings are also being held this week with various designers working on the project, creating looks for our various sites and characters.

Fundraising has kicked into an even higher gear as we spammed all our friends asking for small contributions to our film cause. (read the letter) In addition, we are approaching numerous potential investors this week.

June 2, 1999

We are close to having a final shooting schedule for July 5 - 31, with approximately 20 days of shooting in that period. Its lookin to be a great shoot. Please pray to the weather gods for a decent July in the Bay Area, which is currently experiencing hideous weather!

We have been finalizing sites for some of our key locations, including the junkyard, some road sites, the UFO cult house and the interiors for the center for psychological research. More scouting to be done at the end of this week.

And, a big thanks to Sarah Meyer whose going to build our cow suit!

May 26, 1999

Casting is nearly complete with just a few more spots to fill. We are extremely excited about the talent we have found! The group is packed with phenomenal and intriguing performers, and all great people. We hope to tell you more about them in the future, but we're gonna ask them first if that's OK.

Rusted Fork Media is also in the process of attaching key crew members in the next week, and we are talking with several Bay Area film and video artists. Local artist James Bewley is already working on creating the style and look of the two alien characters and their vessel.

Next week, look on our site for a way everyone can help us in making this film a reality! Come back soon for details.

Lots more going on, we'll keep you posted!

May 19, 1999

Quite the ton of happenings have happened in our last month!

Pre-production is now in full swing. George is now up in the Bay Area, and has established our production office in San Anselmo.

A first round of auditions was held in San Francisco this past weekend, with great success. We have submitted an application to the Screen Actors Guild for a low budget contract so we may use some of the best actors in the area.

We are also securing crew members for the shoot and developing a concise shooting schedule for this July, trying to maximize our minimal budget.

In business news, Rusted Fork Media is in the process of becoming a Limited Liability Corporation. Stay tuned for more info on that front.

We are always in immense need for assistance of any kind on this project and would love to hear from you if you feeling like puttin in some time!

April 8, 1999

George is up in San Francisco this coming week and will be meeting with several people who will be working on the project this summer, talking to equipment houses, as well as taking some trips out to selected locations. We are approaching the 60 day mark before the target first shooting day.

April 1, 1999

There are a couple pics in the our project summary area now, and will be more over time. This should help in getting a better visual sense of the location we'll be shooting in, being West Marin and Sonoma Counties, one hour North of San Francisco. Even more pictures to come.

March 25, 1999

Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting! We're spending lots of time talking to people these days to fill crew and cast positions, get advice on fundraising, find locations, and obtain funds. So, if you got some advice, are willing to work, own a nice ranch or auto-wrecking yard, or want to help in any way, please send a letter to:

March, 7, 1999

Much is going on these days at Rusted Fork as we approach our projected June shooting date.

We are currently gathering together a crew to work on shooting, and are still seeking out designers, builders, and technicians in the SF Bay Area. interested? Please send us a note!! We will soon list our crew needs online. Please see
crew listings.

Location scouting is under way. We are looking at exteriors in West Marin and Sonoma Counties, and seeking interiors throughout the Bay Area. Check out our wish list to soon see what locations we are still looking for and maybe you can help us out!

Casting is set to take place in early May, though the process of seeking actor submissions is already under way.

What else we are doing? Hmm lesee here. There is storyboarding of the first scene being drawn which we will post here when they are done. We have found a special visual effects artist to work on the project. And we have begun the casting search for talent in the SF Bay Area.

This website still is being worked on as well, as we fill our areas with (hopefully) informative content about this project. Send a letter or question or comment to: home

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