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Company Information

peter and george Rusted Fork Media, LLC is a production company managed by brothers George and Peter Nachtrieb. It was formed to produce the feature film project, "Welcome Space Brothers" which is being funded with privately raised capital. By creatively employing new digital technologies, the finest undiscovered talent, and a small but professional crew, Rusted Fork Media is keeping production costs low and is producing a unique, exciting, high quality product for the marketplace at a fraction of the cost of other "independent" films.

Given the unique story and tone of "Welcome Space Brothers" and the (relatively speaking) low cost of production, we are optimistic about the film's prospects.

If you would like more information on the business aspects of the project, please contact us.

Here's a little more information on Rusted Fork Media, LLC principals:

George Nachtrieb - President

George was born in the wilds of Northern California and raised by his loving and tolerant parents, Harold and Ursula. Elaborate puppet shows staged for captive audiences as well as explosion laden super eight movies featuring destructive rubber finger puppets wielding firecrackers and ignited bianca blast were among the first of George's creative efforts.

These efforts continued throughout grade school, high school and college as George developed characters and projects for the stage and screen. This culminated in his Wesleyan University thesis film project, "Science Report," which went on to win the departments Frank Capra Prize for best student film.

George has sought to use his post collegiate work experience to add to his practical film/media knowledge as he worked with such groups as; Lucasfilm Ltd., Illumina Productions, PBS, the Sundance Institute, Pioneer Electronics as well as a host of production companies producing commercials, feature films, and "interactive" titles. All the while George continued to develop his unique filmmaking style with shorts like the one minute festival favorite "Asleep in the Deep" and the Viacom Inc. produced "Science Reveals." It should be noted that both of these shorts were co-created with Nachtrieb superbrother, Edward.

George founded Rusted Fork Media, LLC with his other superbrother, Peter, to produce the film, "Welcome Space Brothers." This is their first feature film, but is another link in a long chain of creative collaborations between the two brothers.

Peter Nachtrieb - Creative Director

Peter graduated with a BA in Theater Arts and Biology from Brown University where he received the prestigious Susan Ross Steinfeld Award and Grant for his contributions to the theater department. In addition, Peter received two Irene Ryan nominations for outstanding student stage performance, and accolades for his work , "Thread" which he wrote and directed.

Currently residing in San Francisco, Peter has been steadily acting and writing for the stage and screen. His solo show, entitled, "The Amorphous Blob" (which he wrote, performed, and produced), played to sell out crowds in San Francisco and Seattle in 1998, inspiring one critic to hail him as, "some bastard child of Eugene Ionesco and Thomas Pynchon."

Peter has also written and performed with San Francisco's infamous sketch comedy troupe, "Killing My Lobster," which has launched a string of hugely popular stage shows and filmed extravaganzas.

Peter has contributed heavily to the development of the "Welcome Space Brothers" script, and will be spearheading San Francisco based production efforts. Well versed in web design and production, Peter will be also be maintaining the Rusted Fork Media website. home

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